As a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (RYT200) I have been priviledged to witness transformation on the faces and in the lives and bodies of students during a single class and over dedicated practice.  Whatever brings you to your mat, yoga deepens your relationship to your body, opens space for recognizing your truths and expands your ability to embrace life. Yoga uses the lively tension created by opposing forces – for instance, legs going down, arms held aloft – to create balance and harmony. Similarly, I use both detailed, anatomically referenced alignment and flowing series of yoga pose to create space for exploration of body, mind and heart. I have practiced Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Anasura as well as Tai Chi and Chi Kung, and every class weaves together hatha yoga poses, breath awareness and meditation.  I come to teaching yoga having taught Western Philosophy and while still practicing and teaching Paramedicine on the streets of Albuquerque. Yoga responds to the call to “Know Thyself” in a deeper, more integrative way than Academic Philosophy did for me, and balances the immediacy of responding to emergent events in others’ lives.

Contact me at christine at yogaeveryday dot org

  1. Despite my reluctance to tag your beautiful yoga site, I’m glad I found you. 🙂 Bookmarked!

  2. yogaguide said:

    visit us at our new website under construction!


      love to have a mantra-of-the-day website

  3. Dad said:

    You deserve to be on the top 100 Chris because you are the best daughter a dad could want. Stay well..

    Today, I did regular yoga class, and while doing reverse triangle, I had every vertabra in my spine adjust in sequence. It was an amazing feeling to feel/hear those pop,pop,pop…I have never felt sensations like that before yoga, and the good feeling thereafter is mighty fine.

    CU and love you.

  4. dharmayoga said:

    What a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing. I love the honesty of it. I am just trying to sort out my relationship between the love of yoga and the desire to share it with the commercial realities of the “business” of yoga. Reading your blog is like finding myself across the table from someone who understands the dynamic tension between those. Again, thank you for sharing your very humanity.

  5. Ovidia said:

    add my appreciation. Found you through Shiny Yoga’s site & really like what you’re writing because I’m also trying to find my place in yoga & find yoga in my life!

  6. Hi, Christine. I had your blog bookmarked in my Google Reader, but, forgive me, I can’t remember if I met you somewhere online or just found you through WordPress. Are you on the Yoga Journal Community by another name? Perhaps I know you from there. I’m reweis there.

    In any case, I’m going to start following your blog.

    Bob Weisenberg (

    (My YJ Community blog is

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