Om Yoga Mix2

Subtle. If you like At Ease but are looking for a bit more energy, a bit more variety, you’ve found your new favorite CD, Om Yoga Mix 2 available after its May 2008 release.

Lovely, engaging, persistent music with a presence, a beat while not insisting on itself, it’s a lovely background to yoga class, or as the press materials say, to dinner or winding down. I brought it to work, slipped it into the rig’s CD player and came back to quiescently smiling partner. This, I assure you, is beyond estimation!

Eclectic grooves blended effortlessly, you might at first forget you put it on. But you’ll be reminded that you did when Krishna Das’ silken tones draw you into reverie of the present moment and electronica and reconsidered club beats synchronize your heart and breath. A personal favorite in the middle reminded me of belly dancing days, deep in concentration, light in giggling with other women intent on expressing the truths within.

Click on the name above for audio clips and press. Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern, a dynamic duo of disciplined artisanship in support of yogic union are the powerhouse behind the project, and in the tradition of their other work, both singularly and together, this is a CD to which you will want to return and which will beckon you onward toward new horizons. Stay tuned, I’ll play it at my Sunday evening class and get back to you with my students’ reviews!

1 comment
  1. shiny said:

    wow – om yoga mix (the first one) is on HIGH rotation in my classes… exciting! X

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