Where are you?!?

Hello, Friends! Lovely, smart, inquisitive yogi friends!

 I’m reading. I have been reading. I have a yoga book to review. There’s a book on the food industry I want to review. I’m reading a friend’s manuscript. I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love, which I know you all have read before me, but if you haven’t, oh please pick it up! It’ll make you want to write, to cry, to eat, to hold, to drink wine and laugh and cry some more. Whatever you do that is you, where the you of you disappears and the activity just glistens in the moment – it’ll make you want to do that.

I’m reading, I’m practicing, I’m being. I’m adjusting to a new schedule (I love it). I’m cogitating. I’m incubating. I’m detoxifying, releasing and opening. It’s January and I’m hibernating.

Where are you? What directions has your practice taken you this new year? Did you resolve (which means to unify, simplify, come to essence)? Are you resolute? Are you doing your own duty, your own dharma, and no one else’s?  Are you doing the one thing that represents the state of affairs of you right now? Are you enacting your truth?

Let’s all get about just that. Right now. This moment.

  1. Sarah said:

    It’s lovely to have you back. xx

  2. denise said:

    Iam glad you are back. I have been working on many practices. Coming out a little better person each time.

  3. yogaguide said:

    Thanks for the lovely comments. It has indeed been a long gap, and a delicious one for me. I believe in responding to our needs for engagement and withdrawal as they come in alternating tides. I’m honored to have this space to share with you.

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