Yoga Nidra

Guided Relaxation including Yoga Nidra

Here is my holiday gift to all of you, available for your pre-holiday stress relief and practice.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique sometimes called yogic sleep. It is said that 20 minutes of yogic sleep is as good as three hours of your normal sleep. Now, my sleep isn’t so normal, so I haven’t had a good basis for comparison. However, I can say this 17 minute guided meditation certainly prepares me to be open to my world even if my sleep has not.  Students say they use it daily, some others when they need a lift.

I recorded this last year as a gift for my Classes. The voice is mine, the script I wrote reflecting on some of the techniques I’ve learned that help me.

Let me know how you use it and how it works in your life. Most of all, do some yoga every day!


(background music off Tandava)

  1. Awesome! Thank you!

    I have a Yoga Nidra CD, but have only tried it once so far. Using it, I was supposed to stay awake and be aware of my body, etc…and I instantly fell asleep. 🙂

  2. everydayyogini said:

    Thank you for sharing this! I am looking forward to listening to it. I have definitely found on days when I’m tired that practicing deep relaxation/meditation/yoga nidra is refreshing and rejuvenating!

  3. usuff said:

    Excellent, better than most of the commercial ones. I learned its ok to be dynamic in the dialogue, not just flat and monotonous.

  4. alicia acevedo said:

    Beautiful scripts and voice. Shanti and many blessings

  5. Raquel said:

    I was clicking on the wrong thing! I found it! Thank you so much for something so truly wonderful!

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