I’ve been tagged so many times since the original time I’m not sure whether to just be terribly flattered (which I am) or concerned for the health  of the randomizer (which I also am).

so…. you already have seven weird & random thing about me. You’re about to get seven more. I’ll not specifically tag again, but if you read this and blog, please go back and consider yourself….


My next seven weird & random things…

1. I used to teach Western Philosophy

2. I was married overlooking a river – the Rio Grande

3. I love the New Yorker

4. We have (love, are cared for by…) three dogs: Hank, Oso & Matilda

5. I once had a landscaping business

6. I am (once was…?) fluent in Ancient Greek, Latin, German & French (I can still read Le Monde & Der Zeit)

7. I drink so much green tea that I order several pounds every month. With whole milk. Mmmmm.

That’s it! go write your own list!

And live love! every instant, every day. Try it now….

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