Advanced Meditation for Beginners

“But once you have some challenge or suffering, then it is easy to meditate.”

~Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche ( in Sept-Oct ’07 Yoga+

So I was going to write about how unyogic iTunes 7.5 for Windows is (if you have it, you know the “non-union” to which I’m referring!), having spent hours & hours installing, re-installing, un-installing, picking apart and pasting back together the program that was working great! before I downloaded the “upgrade.”

And everybody at Apple who actually read or listened to email or phone conversations was obviously applying the customer service model in vogue right now – that I’ve used on complaint calls when I’m sup-ing: HEAT (hear, empathize, apologize…. and I’m tempted to say tear it up. but it’s take action)

Somehow the empathy and apologies really do ring hollow when you know they’re part of an acronym.

And then I re-read this article “Keeping Meditation Fresh” – the “My Practice” column in the new Yoga+ (which I adore). And thought through my hours of computer & program consternation. Did I maintain my meditative mind. The answer is “No.”

No, I don’t find it easier to meditate when I have a challenge, but I do find it has more levels of meaning. I’ve not been doing it as long as he has, so maybe it’ll come easier in twenty years or so. Good God, I hope so! Til then, I’ll probably look back on multiple customer service calls (whether I’m the receiver or the originator:) and be able to locate places where I lost my Zen, that ability to be transparently in the moment, the moment that requires we rely on acronyms and scripts to maintain civility. They’re just more masks. And sometimes masks are good enough for the moment, they teach us about who we wish we were, about who we will be, and about the perfect truth of who we are: God pouring out God to God as an offering (my paraphrase of the Gita 4.24).

If we are what God offers to God at each and every moment, well we must be the quintessential expression of that moment, at that place. God wandering in time. Listening to her iPod.

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