It’s arbitrary, it’s gratuitous and it’s fun! Help me celebrate my 100th post!

I was approving a comment on my last post when the number next to the post caught my eye: one hundred. And I remembered Zazazu‘s giveaway for her centinary and how it brought a smile to my face.

And really celebrating is about community. Accidental findings, intentional searching, lasting connections and fleeting blessings. And the great, gorgeous gift of being present in time, the ability to feel the contours of it all.

So, thank you faithful readers, dear emailers, precious lurkers, sparkley newcomers, valued scoffers and fleeting glancers! Thanks for turning your head, flying your fingers and grazing your eyes to this virtual locale and joining me in exploring the guts and borders of yoga, how it informs my worklife, my emotional life, my intellectual wanderings, even my customer service interactions.

In celebration, I’m giving away three subscriptions to Yoga+, my current favorite yoga mag. If you’d like to be entered in the drawing, leave a comment here. On Thanksgiving Day (one week from tomorrow Tofurky fans!) my husband will draw three names and those folks will be notified of their new subscriber status.

Thanks for being precisely where and who you are right now, thanks for connecting with this blog, and thanks for doing yoga!

Namaste (I recognize and salute the fierce beauty and gentle power of you)

  1. Stacy said:

    Hi! You’ve been randomly tagged by the NaBloPoMo randomizer for a meme about 7 weird/random things about you! Enjoy!

    I enjoyed your blog and have bookmarked it. I am a budding meditator.

    Stacy (Mama-Om)

  2. Me, me, meeee! =)

    You know I love your blog, I think. And this is especially awesome, because I just discovered this magazine (online) last week!

    Congratulations on your 100th post and thanks for sharing so much with us!

  3. zazazu said:

    Hooray! Another giveaway! (These always make me smile! :))

    You know… I’ve never heard of Yoga+ but it sounds very cool.

    CONGRATS ON YOUR 100th POST! You’ll be at 200… and then 300… before you know it!


    {{{ This… “So, thank you faithful readers, dear emailers, precious lurkers, sparkley newcomers, valued scoffers and fleeting glancers!”… made me laugh because it is so comprehensive and so clever!!! }}}

    If you like, I can announce this giveaway on my blog, although I’m not sure how many true yoga readers I have. Just a thought… 🙂

  4. leah said:

    hey, congrats on 100 posts!!

    and what a lovely way to celebrate!

  5. Jessie said:

    Am I yoga enough to qualify? 😉

  6. yogaguide said:


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