Kachari is a traditional Indian dish, very simple, tastey, easy to adapt to what you have. We’ve been eating it at least one a meal a day for weeks now – it freezes well and provides balanced fiber, protien, vegetables.  In some traditions, it’s even a fasting food!

Ghee (1-3 T)

mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds

equal parts white rice, dried mung beans & red lentils

3 boxes (quarts) of chicken or vegetable broth


in a 5 quart stove top pan melt ghee & sautee the seeds til the mustard seeds pop. add the rice, beans & lentils dry and coat by stirring. add two of the boxes of broth, boil covered on medium high til almost reduced and add the third box. boil covered til reduced but not dry.

All the ingredients are easily digestable and the spices are ones meant to ease digestion further. So if you’re like me and lots of beans make you so gassy you almost float away, you can eat this without discomfort or worry. 


1 comment
  1. Paula said:

    Just been given this for ibs and fatigue . Also losing weight on it. Just steam veggies and miss too to change things up.

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