Writing Challenge: Emotional Vocabulary

Look here for the challenge, which is essentially to spend five minutes, no holds barred, listing every emotion nameable, imaginable, haveable by you, right now. GO!

grumpy, sad, happy, facile, uninterested, blasee, intrigued, sparked, amused, intrigued, antisocial, unhappy, offended, embracing, joyful, mad, on fire, angry, furious, sorry, apologetic, down-in-the-dumps, charged up, jazzed, excited, miffed, indifferent, outraged, playful, flirtatious, coy, unsure,investigative, foot-stamping-mad, foot-stamping-happy, full of hugs, smiling from ear to ear, ready to let loose, on the edge, peaceful, still, calm, open, ready, grateful, forgiving, steady.

There’s my five minute list. how bout yours?

  1. ybonesy said:

    ooo, I like facile and on fire, down-in-the-dumps, miffed. Ready to let loose (which is another way of saying, fired up). Grateful and forgiving — important ones!!

  2. ritergal said:

    This is my original five-minute list: Happy, sad, angry, irate, irked, joyful, gleeful, glad, glum, thoughtful, grateful, loving, adoring, passionate, giddy, dispassionate, disjointed fearful, timid, shy, ashamed, embarrassed, confused, uncertain, certain, convinced, doubtful, gentle, calm, agitate, tense, disgusted, appreciative, overwhelmed, grieving, devastated, overjoyed, puzzled, peevish, lost, peaceful, giddy, strong, weak, confident, competent, shocked, stymied, terrified, aloof, repulsed, reviled, comforted, alienated, horrified, exonerated, smug, bemused, superior, inferior, tolerant, compassionate, bewildered, grateful.

    It’s still fermenting, and over 400 now. Check the comments for my blog, http://heartandcraft.blogspot.com for a sharing opportunity, inspired by the original blog post by Ybonesy (see “challenge” link above).

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