Meditation, Restoration

From Thich Nhat Hanh’s Transformation and Healing:

“When body and mind are one, the wounds in our hearts, minds, and bodies begin to heal. As long as there is separation between body and mind, these wounds cannot heal. During sitting meditation, the three elements of breath, body and mind are calmed, and gradually they become one. … When there is oneness of body and mind, the breathing serves as “harmonizer,” and wee realize peace , joy, and ease, the first fruits of meditation practice.” (p. 45)

A note for Tuesday nighters: last night we started adding sitting meditation after our asana practice. Also an “off the mat” pose you can use at the office or grocery, on a hike or while doing the dishes.  As ever, I want to support you in taking your yoga into your world in idea, word and deed. Most of all, in energetic stillness.

Also remember, next week is the much sought after “Restorative Tuesday”! We have some luscious deep letting go to engage!


:I bow to the gentle power & fierce beauty of you

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