meanwhile, back on the mat….

as I watch this amazing “last lecture” by Randy Pausch, listen to an amazing exposition of the Beatitudes by Neil Douglas Klotz, read reflection on Tantric Heart Sutras, one of the partners in my heart (as opposed to people with whom you simply work), with whom I am texting, who has recently stepped into the paramedic role,  asks the following: What’s worse, the fighter contemplating his career after his first fight or the one reflecting on her last? (I paraphrase, sorry my phone dumped its memory)

Leave aside how unyogically I’m streaming as much inspiring, supportive language into my consciousness as possible in my blissful multitasking….

It was the unlocking question, the one that had to be asked in order for the answer to arise from breath & water…

The one who doesn’t get back in the ring.

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