Paramedic’s Prayer to the Yoga Teacher Within

[That’s Teacher with a big “T” like the big “L” in Love…]

Please help me remember I am a creator of worlds.

But one of the many creators of worlds, that more important than creators or worlds are the interactions between.

Please help me understand how Divinity is expressed in worlds I can’t even want to understand how anyone would allow themselves to create.

Please help me understand how there isn’t someone who oversees this whole interaction, I mean really… isn’t that sort of important? Are we really going to let the children play like this?

And please help me remember I’m one of the children.

Just help me remember, remember whatever it is I forgot. Please help me stay conscious in my indigation, my anger, to stay connected to my own limitations, to the freedom of others. Please help me find the frame that will let me let go.

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