Crying as Pranayama

OK, so it wasn’t the first thing I came upon.

First, I slept ’til noon. (While I endorse indulgence, it’s not so much as it might seem. In fact I figured out – genius! – that I should do so more often, because my working plan has been to try to make myself sleep til noon days I work, and force myself out of bed early days I don’t so I “get more done.” What a doofhead.)

Then, I sat in my pajamas, ate chocolate chip cookies and watched soap operas. Followed by Law & Order & Crossing Jordan. While doing Sudoku. For reasons I find embarrassingly obvious I find the order exhibited by cop shows and number puzzles comforting.

Then I looked up job coaching on the web. And employment ads. Then I googled “I need a new job.” (Even funnier results: “I hate my f***ing job.”)

Then I put Baroque music on Itunes streaming from the computer, took my latest installation of Tantric teaching to the bath….

And then I finally started to deal.

Pranayam is consciously relating to breath. Crying is breathing with a vengeance.  Consciously Breathing With A Vengeance, now that’s yoga.

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  1. I like this interpretation. And it’s good that you’re nurturing yourself. I hope something new and wonderful comes your way.

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