Frequency: vacillating between AM & FM

More important than Repetition: Frequency. No, not the REM song… but imagine a sin wave (the trig function…not a sudden eruption of immorality): each complete wave is a cycle, a bleep. Radio frequencies, sound frequencies of all kinds are described in Hertz (or megahertz) – cycles per second.

Each wave of practice, each cycle is complete unto itself. Perhaps it’s a day, perhaps you’ve committed to a cycle of days devoted to a single practice. What’s more important is regularity of these cycles. Some will be lower amplitude, some higher, some briefer, some longer. Regularity, return, that’s what’s important. Return. Return.

In radio the lower frequencies are on the AM dial … fewer cycles per second (or day, or month for our metaphor). But these cycles reach farther. Sometimes it takes care and attention to tune in, but sometimes it’s worth it.

FM radio sends out higher frequency and more signals, but they can peter out between cities and often contain the louder more cacophonic music.

I like listening to both. Sometimes the AM calms me down, sometimes the FM dials me in. One way or the other, I listen every day. Return.

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  1. denise said:

    you know i think this was meant for me today. I have been having conversations with myself and my yoga teaher that revolve around this very idea.

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