I’ve missed this journaling and the seemingly haphazard but wonderfully rich intersections with others’ lives it affords. I’ve also enjoyed the absence of a need for description. Sometimes this is laziness, avoiding second-order awareness; sometimes it breeds clarity when we return. Fingers crossed for clarity!

In the meantime, visited the grandfathers at Chaco, hiked and yogad, though not as much as I’d have liked. Contracted a powerful illness (passed with rest) and with the absolute dearth of shade in the desert canyon, decided to recover at home. Friends have been married and my husband left for and has returned from business overseas… his first trip “over there”, so a real event for us!

Quick updates on yoga topics: yoga paws are really fun & creative. Wouldn’t rely on them for everyday, and for my sandy, woody more rugged purposes could be more durable, but they really afford a whole new range. One thing to note: without the tension of the mat between hands and feet in poses like Down Dog you are forced to rely even more than you ever thought you could on core muscles – really rocked my thinking & I’ve been teaching more core & more off the mat. 

I’ve laid off the uddiyana bhanda & camel pose for a bit, though I’m getting ready to revisit. I had some sort of powerful GI ickiness and my tummy really just wanted to be taken care of, not churned and stretched. My theory is that the Uddi & the Camel have been gently dislodging detritus in my koshas and I’m processing slowly.

I’ve been subbing a lot this summer, too, in addition to my two classes. It’s an intriguing play on ownership, newness, verbal instruction and letting yoga come through me… that may be its own entry. Human foibles are so funny when they’re mine 🙂

With compassion, with feeling, striving for clarity, diving in the same muck we all make & find, signing off for now. Going to go play in the muck.

  1. denise said:

    Glad you are back and feeling better!

  2. moonymaid said:

    Immensely glad you’re back. I’ve missed you.

  3. Jane said:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere!

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