“As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be

you can’t see how it is.”

 ~Ram Dass (


There’s a difference between how you feel about how your life is and how you feel in a moment. But is contentment a feeling? Contentment seems to be an approach to activities, a choice to be present for what we’re up to in a given moment and to make choices with attention and quietude. It takes recognition of what is necessary in a given situation, not according to social convention or an external authority, but a recognition of what the situation, the people, conditions, your own feelings require for support and happiness. Contentment is giving, to ourselves and others, whatever is required to release that moment and let the next be revealed.  To be able to see this is to be able to see to the heart, the core & the essence. To be able to choose according to what you then see then takes courage. Then, perhaps contentment will follow.

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  1. perhaps! 😉
    That is the goal indeed!

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