San Diego Yoga & Surf

Short practice today between shifts. Lots of twists and backbends stretching my chest and shoulders.  Frees my heart.

Vacation begins on Monday. I’m embarking on one of my galavants. Destination: Southern California. Right now my plan is to camp in one of the State or National Parks, avoiding resorty places. But the point of a galavant is the no-plan plan. Pick a general destination and … go! Anyone know of any cool, laid-back, quiet places on the beach in the general So Cal area? I just want to practice on the beach and learn to surf. Ahhhh…. Anyone have any favorite studios in the general San Diego area?

 On the way back I’m treating myself to a workshop in Chandler, AZ with Mukunda Stiles. I’ve read his translation of Patanjali’s Sutras & my teacher studied with him, so I know of him only by reputation, but I’m very excited. You can learn more about his work at . I highly recommend his Sutra translation. It is poetic & nuanced and his embodied spirit Tantrism really shines through.

So, please leave me suggestions for the So Cal area! I’ll write about the places I visit and the things I learn.

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