Adjuncts to Procrastination

Adjunct, really: My pretension that wanting to do too much is a mark of passion, a nod to synchronicity and a sign of a robust life.

I woke up today planning to go to the hot springs after yoga. Well, life intervened, I had other things to attend to in the midst of yoga, and when I re-surfaced it was too late to go to the mountains with the leisure I’d wanted.

OK. so I’ll stay here, indulge in a really luxuriously long practice, work on some Sanskrit, garden, brush and wash the dogs (there are four), go for a long walk, get some officey stuff done at Kinko’s, grocery shop, cook. Fine, I don’t teach til 7pm, there should be enough time. Right?

Of course not! and what will I get done? bits of some of the above. Oh, I forgot to add vacation planning & bookstore shopping. And rest.

In yoga one of the values supporting enlightenment (dissolution of boundary between self & Spirit) is Tapas. It means fire. It means practice. Tapas means focus. Focus. Focus.

Must eat, so grocery next (hungry). Rest is good after eating, so brush Hank (the eight year old puppy like german shepherd mix doggie in my life). Yoga – as long as I like. After that re-assess.

ps: did Elsie’s new level one 85 min class last night w/ lovely results. highly recommend. Monday’s YogaToday vidcast was stunningly set as well! Namaste.

  1. I have to go to the grocery store too…don’t feel like it tho! lol I will have to do some house work tonight but think I will do some pilates and if it doesn’t rain tonight a quick bike ride.

  2. yogaguide said:

    It’s amazing how complicated I can make a life that can be so simple! Have fun w/ pilates & bike ride – housework & grocery, too! Hank says “woof”!

  3. Sue Ann Edwards said:

    Sometimes it’s an inner focus that is needed, instead of an outer one. I’ve caught myself going over lists of ‘things to be done’ in my head before and, found out all I had been doing is entertaining my lower mind, because I was not at Peace with myself at the time.

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