The struggle to maintain equanimity throughout all seemingly opposing forces (life!) is easier to witness with a little bit of asana practice sprinkled in every day.

  1. Sue Ann Edwards said:

    It is the perception of opposing forces that leads us to the struggling. Mayhap the equanimity you mention is more an ability to remain neutral, unequivacally accepting of everything and anything. More of an emotional coping skill then anything else.

  2. yogaguide said:

    Perhaps. I’m glad that you wrote the topic. I agree that it is the perception of opposing forces that leads to struggle. I remain skeptical of “neutrality” as the third position however. Equanimity definitely translates into emotional coping, and I think this is a valuable result both in its own right and because it keeps me on the path.

  3. Sue Ann Edwards said:

    Thank you for the bog on my space. I am brand new to this, so it is taking me some time to learn the jots and tittles of the technicalities.

    Unconditional Acceptance and Unconditional Tolerance are much harder to ground, anchor, assimilate and integrate, then Unconditional Love.

    Much confusion stems from our not knowing Whom we really are. We’re like readers who have climbed into the pages of a good book and gotten lost in our stories. Remembering we’re the reader and not the story takes time.

    Whether happy or sad, blissful or miserable, every moment in our lives is a Present. A Gift. A full life has nothing to do with years and everything to do with experiences. Each of us is given the Gift of a full measure of Life.

    Upon my journey, I found those experiences in life I had judged and labeled ‘negative’, were those where I had failed to love and appreciate Life. I put the charge of ‘negative’ on it. I created the polarity. And so long as I did, I was doomed to face what I had judged being mirrored to me on a constant basis.

    It is the neagtive charge we place on experiences, that keep bringing these experiences back into our lives, over and over. In order to change the reflection, we have to change what’s doing the reflecting.

    Polarities are not opposing forces. They are ends of the same rubber band. These ends, stretched out, always reach a certain tension then come back together. But if we see them as ends instead of as opposing forces, we have created an opportunity for the ends to come back together without clashing.

    Once we discover our lives are everything we’ve ever imagined, it gets easier. We simply imagine again.


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