Sometimes it’s just so simple, isn’t it? You show up, you move, you breathe, you’re aware of your breath.

Today, teaching. So it’s so easy to find beauty. My students amaze and open my heart in their dedication, their clarity their openness. It’s such an amazing gift to witness their movement, their changes over time, their epiphanies small & large. It’s such an amazing gift to come in with a mind full of whatever minds are full of (plans, worries, hopes, words, images…) and to be brought so fully up into & against the moment.  Hope you have some in your day, too! Here’s to beauty… here, now, regardless of conditions,  brilliant in awareness. LTBHN (love, truth, beauty: here, now.) out.

  1. yogaguide said:

    So, is it in protocol to comment on your own blog? 🙂 Oh well. I just have to leave a note to you, to myself: I knew this blog thing would work! If you’ve been reading you know that three days ago I was really at a crossroads (had been for months, but it became ripe for growth). I decided to start this blog to formalize my daily practice and give me another, more potent level of awareness about the oppositions that sometimes feel like they could tear me apart. Like all really fresh yoga, it’s an experiment. An experiment in self-witness, in reflection, in change, in dialogue.

  2. Hi! thanks again for the visit and the comments on my blog…I responded there. As far as responding on your own blog…it’s totally up to you! I have seen many people do it so I have started doing it, too. The main reason why I start doing it was because if one reader had a question maybe another reader had that some question and you can answer it right there for all to see! 😉

    Re: change…that is my main goal with yoga this time around. 😉

    Thanks again!

  3. Just checkin’ in before I do another yoga session. I’m looking forward to it. Today was a very nice day…the weather was great! Since I work all day I took advantage of the nice temperature tonight with a walk (an hour and 15 minutes) and before I did a little yoga but my real workout will be coming up here in a little bit.

    Have a great evening!

  4. Zazazu said:

    Ah… to teach yoga. What a wonderful gift to the world and to yourself. You are blessed!

  5. yogaguide said:


    Zazazu – You are so right, in so many ways. In another comment you made the point that “yogic” is so many things, and you are right on the money. It’s limiting to see it as one side, and it’s one way we limit ourselves. Sometimes I like to teach to Prince’s Graffiti Bridge album just to make that point 🙂 but others I need to be reminded of it. Thanks for your bright presence!

    Harmonia – Thanks for visiting before practice! How was it today? What are your favorite asana or breathing techniques? We did lots of vinyasa in class this afternoon, culminating in handstand prep (always so much fun!) and Natarajasana (the pose I use as my avitar… no, it’s not me; I’m waiting to get a digicam so I can create more authentic photos!).

    Blessings to you all! yogaguide

  6. Do you have two blogs??? jw

    Last night I had a nice practice. I am hear sitting and typing and trying to watch a movie but I am thinking about doing yoga instead. Well, I already knew I was going to do yoga tonight but I was thinking about doing it sooner instead of later or longer…

    I am still learning more about breathing and techniques. I have borderline asthma so I think it will help!

  7. Okay…yes…I see your other blog now! lol…sorry about that!

  8. hillary said:

    thanks for listing my podcast that really is great.. you rock..namaste, hillary

  9. yogaguide said:

    Thanks to all of you for your community and your comments, I am privileged to have found this place. Hillary – my pleasure! your podcasts are a saving grace for me, when I need the hook baited in order to jump in, your classes are my delectable worm! Hey, Harmonia! your dedication inspires and encourages me, thanks for sharing your journey. My teacher had intense asthma before she used breathing practices to become more at ease. So you’re in good company in seeking healing through yoga! May we all realize our beauty, love and truth, today!

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